CDC whistleblower confesses to publishing fraudulent data to blur the link between vaccines and autism

It was only a matter of time before someone finally admitted what we all know to be true: censorship exists on all fronts in the United States — including at the CDC. An anonymous whistleblower — now known to be Dr. William Thompson, senior vaccine safety scientist at the CDC —  has reported to Focus Autism Foundation’s (FAF) Dr. Brian Hooker that the CDC omitted important data linking the MMR vaccine to autism and is speaking out about the long-hidden truth.

A study used by the CDC to claim the safety of the MMR vaccine has been manipulated by the organization for years in an attempt to conceal data suggesting a link to the development of autism. The study in question is entitled “Age at First Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccination in Children With Autism and School-Matched Control Subjects: A Population-Based Study in Metropolitan Atlanta,” and was published in the journal Pediatrics in 2004. The whistleblower reports that while the study seems to be valid, all is not as well as it reported. He also states that the study deliberately manipulated population size to reduce the frequency of the vaccine-autism link. Early on in the study, the researchers had found that there was a 340 percent greater chance of developing autism after vaccination in African American boys. Later, the researchers changed their vaccination criteria to justifiably eliminate this data.

EcoWatch reports that Dr. Thompson has said that under direction from his superiors at the CDC, he and his colleagues dumped all of their data indicating a high prevalence of autism in vaccinated African American boys into a trash can and destroyed it. He also stated that the organization’s vaccine division has been concealing the link between multiple vaccines and brain injuries, tics, autism and other conditions.

The CDC whistleblower stated that he regrets being involved with the cover-up and went on to say, “We’ve missed 10 years of research because the CDC is so paralyzed right now by anything related to autism. They’re not doing what they should be doing because they’re afraid to look for things that might be associated.” Or things that might, you know, uncover their lies.



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