The vaccine industry wants a national registry of vaccine compliance, but what we really need is national tracking of vaccine FAILURES and outbreaks

The concept of health freedom, or medical choice, seems to disintegrate a little bit more each day in the U.S., as more and more states continue to eliminate vaccine exemptions, with California being the latest example. As vaccine exemption laws wither away, state immunization registries for both adults and children are on the rise.

Today, there are 29 states that have “fully functioning inoculation databases,” says Their existence is a result of a push made in 1993 by Hillary Clinton (who was first lady at the time), for a “federally-funded inoculation database” that was a component of the Comprehensive Child Immunization Act. While the plan was shot down, six months later, federal officials “covertly attached” a bill allowing the implementation of state vaccination databases, paid for with $400 million in federal money.(1)

State vaccine registries were approved under the 1996 healthcare bill, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which authorized the Social Security Administration to release all newborns’ Social Security Numbers to individual states for the purpose of creating state immunization registries.

Vaccine databases allow daycares, schools, doctors and even health insurance companies to discriminate against those who choose not to vaccinate

Tracking vaccine information for adults and children creates cause for concern for several reasons, including privacy violations, unnecessary data mining and discrimination by daycares, schools, physicians, hospitals and health insurance companies.

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In states where vaccine exemptions have been eliminated, like California, registries can also be used to take children away from parents unwilling to vaccinate their offspring due to potential adverse health effects or religious beliefs.

Agneta Breitenstein, director of the Health Law Institute in Boston said the following about state databases:

There are three things that are always true when registries are created: One, there will always be more information collected than is needed to complete the task; two, it will always be kept longer than we are told; and, three, it will always be used for purposes other than intended.

Vaccine Info reports:

With the establishment of the state databases, the health care establishment has a perfect framework to implement a federal “immunization registry”, and they are determined to do such. This is being accomplished through the Center for Disease Control’s National Immunization Registry Clearinghouse. The intent of this registry effort is to integrate all of the state databases into one central (i.e. federal) tracking system controlled by the CDC and HHS.

This new system will track every child using information gathered from both public and private health systems. As one CDC publication recently stated: “CDC supports the ultimate goal of enrollment of all U.S. preschool children in a state or community immunization registry.

Barbara Loe Fisher, president of the National Vaccine Information Center told the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention committee during testimony:

[W]hen they [the public] are informed of your plan, understand all too well that state vaccine tracking registries being promoted to the media and Congress in the name of protecting the public health are simply a smokescreen for the creation of a government-operated system that will further invade their privacy and take away already endangered liberties. They don’t want government, drug companies and insurance company employees or the local school nurse to monitor their movements from state to state and be privy to their health records and the most personal details of their lives. They want that information to remain a private matter between them and their personal physician, as it has always been until now.

What we really need is better tracking of vaccine INJURIES

Currently, the public has very few resources when it comes to finding information regarding the health impacts of vaccines. Vaccine side-effects are far more common than the average person might think. Individuals or the family of individuals injured by vaccines have been paid out nearly $3 billion in claims since the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was founded in 1986 – with the flu shot causing the most harm.(2)

The only vaccine injury reporting system in existence is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), co-sponsored by the CDC, which collects data regarding adverse effects of vaccines. “VAERS provides a nationwide mechanism by which adverse events following immunization may be reported, analyzed, and made available to the public.”(3)





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