Leaked evidence points to Big Pharma encouraging disease outbreaks to promote higher vaccination rates

These days, it should come as no surprise every time Big Pharma is proven to be up to something absolutely despicable. And yet it still feels somewhat shocking every time new evidence of their horrific, corrupt nature is brought into the light.

As reported by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Merck scientists served as whistleblowers on research fraud regarding the MMR vaccine from over a decade ago. According to the whistleblowers, the FDA’s approval of the vaccine was not only based on false information, but it also caused an outbreak of Measles in 2006. The vaccine was reportedly tested against phony laboratory strains of viruses instead of being tested against those that are floating around in the real world. Is this fraudulent behavior from Big Pharma? Color me not even remotely surprised.

For some reason, mainstream media outlets have seemingly refused to cover this story. If there’s no corruption on their end, then why are they so consistently hesitant to report on eye-opening evidence regarding Big Pharma? Adams writes, “Any time you see a mainstream media news report on vaccines, you can rest assured with 100% confidence that it is pure theater, carried out with carefully scripted fake narratives to achieve a propaganda goal of demanding complete obedience to all demands of the vaccine industry.” This event serves as even more proof that Adams has hit the nail on the head.

The whistleblowers filed a False Claims Act document where they listed the fraudulent actions taken by Merck. After reading it, there’s virtually no doubt that government fraud has taken place. And still, very few seem to be reporting on this. It’s apparent that Big Pharma has a stranglehold on the mainstream media, who continue to blindly promote vaccinations, despite all of the mounting evidence against them. When will this all come crashing down?

As soon as people begin to turn off their televisions and open their eyes.





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