The Truth About Vaccines documentary series just launched hours ago… view the “can’t miss” episodes here

The Truth About Vaccines, a powerful, professionally-produced video documentary series, just went live a few hours ago. The first episode aired last night, and episode two is airing tonight. Click here to view them all.

The documentary series is a breakthrough for vaccine transparency and public education, featuring over 60 experts in medicine, immunology, toxicology and laboratory science who reveal groundbreaking information on vaccines that the U.S. government dares never tell you.

Did you know that vaccine ingredients include African Green Monkey kidney cells and aborted human fetal tissue? Did you realize that vaccines are intentionally formulated with aluminum and mercury, two toxic metals that can cause serious brain damage? If you didn’t know this information, you absolutely need to watch The Truth About Vaccines, airing for free to all.

You won’t find this lifesaving medical documentary on Netflix, Hulu or cable

You won’t find this documentary series airing anywhere else… not Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or any cable broadcast channel. You can only catch it directly from The Truth About Vaccines website. (Even Netflix probably could not air this documentary because the CDC would demand they censor it.)

Register now at this link so you don’t miss any of the episodes. Remember, episode two airs tonight, and you can watch it on any computer or mobile device.

This is one documentary series you’ll thank yourself for watching… it can literally change your life or even help save the lives of others.




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